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This is Peter Quill. I'm...not here at the moment. I mean I might be here but I might be asleep? So um - actually no I'm not here. Roll with that. I'm not here. And you should leave me a message if you're looking for me and I will call you right back.

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Other Characters: Clint Barton.
How far apart are these two characters? Clint is a spy, and would treat the guy with suspicion. He's trusting his own team, and Peter has his team to worry about. Apart from hitting on Natasha clint stays in the rafters.

Character Name: Peter Jason Quill
Series: Guardians of the Galaxy, MCU Cosmos Universe
Timeline: Post canon! Just after the Milano is rebuilt and he decides to head off with his crew doing a "bit of both" good and bad.
Canon Resource Link: Peter Quill: MCU
Character History:

Peter Jason Quill's life is the sort of life that would give anyone a tragic handicap. It's a testament to strength of character and personal will, not to mention awesome parenting that he didn't turn out to be some kind of psychopath. Oh he's got his flaws, he's arrogant, rude, and a chauvinist but his personal torture is kept to a minimum, his negative behavior extends to what we all might consider a "lovable space pirate", and while he is an asshole - a certified asshole, recognized as an asshole by the entire Nova Corps and the Xandarian government, he is a fundamentally good person.

Occasionally. As in he wouldn't rob a baby unless paid quite a lot of money, kill an animal unless he absolutely had to (or he was starving.) or screw anyone over. He'd screw people over less now, the fact that he has a team and a real supportive family for the first time in his life can change anyone, but he's just an average joe who happens to live in space with a potentially intriguing backstory that we know very little about - in terms of his origins. Or why an average joe would adapt so well to space.

The facts that we do know are these. At some point Meredith Quill met the man who would father Peter Quill. Her family didn't approve in whatever capacity they did meet (every single mention of Peter's father was cut off by Peter's grandfather). He's said to be "like" his father, in that he doesn't want to see innocents hurt or creatures damaged and that he's willing to fight for the less fortunate. When we're first introduced to him he's one of the less fortunate by human society. His mother is dying of some unknown disease (although it can be inferred from her sickly state she might have cancer). She passes Peter a gift, insists that she be allowed to say goodbye. Peter is only nine however, and his mother's impending loss is a heavy burden. His family insist that they hold hands and he denies her. He's only nine years old but it's a defining moment. Afraid and hurt and scared, he sees death in the face of someone who loves him and he learns to run.

He never faces his fears or his emotions. Instead he runs from them - literally in this case - out of the hospital where he's collected by aliens. Talk about learning to never face your issues. When Peter is abducted by Yondu and the ravagers he's nine years old. His personality is developed, his likes and dislikes, and he's got something of a moral compass from his loyal and loving mother. Tossed into a hoard of smelly angry space pirates he's told first and foremost that he'll be eaten.

Peter's a fighter and while there was probably initial fear (he's not daredevil after all) he adapted. He learned from them and adapted. He might have lost some of that fantastic moral compass that he got from his mother. He did spend twenty six years living among aliens so his sense of survival has always been a little stronger then most.

(what few people note is that humans are known to the galaxy at large, probably in thanks to Loki's attempted takeover, but nobody really seems afraid of him which suggests they're not to be feared and are considered rather silly or at least - not much of a threat.)

We meet him on a typical job to contribute to his survival doing what all sentient beings must do to keep their heads afloat. work. Peter's a ravager by trade if not in name, someone who collects items and sells them around the galaxy. He's after a sphere that becomes a hot topic around town, the pursuit of which leads him to Xandar where we discover in short order:

He's parted from the Ravagers: Sort of. He's staying a step ahead of Yondu - his fatheresque figure played by Micheal Rooker who has an army of smelly space pirates - uncles and brothers all. However he's making a decision to keep himself apart from them. Peter Quill's singular interest is in his own survival at his age. In Keeping his ship and staying safe.

He has a reputation as a liar and a ladies man: in dealing with his target he meets Gamora, another alien who calls him an honorable man in a joking tone. He tries to prove it and the two promptly engage in a fight. He plays dirty and the two meet the people who would eventually become bosom friends and family. Everyone's after Peter and after discovering that Yondu put a bounty on him Peter comes face to face with subject 89P13 aka Rocket. A bounty hunter for hire, Rocket is after Quill to bring him to Yondu alive with his friend Groot - a giant tree.

Groot and Rocket, Peter and Gamora end up in jail where Gamora's past makes her a target from all the other inmates. Peter is claimed as Rocket's property but Gamora's number is seemingly up. Peter, smitten, doesn't want to see her go down without a fight. Through a series of misadventures and some of the greatest lines in filmmaking we are introduced to Drax who is after Gamora's "father", Thanos - future avengers antagonist and mad titan who wants to watch the universe die. Peter, using sarcasm somehow ends up a part of this motley crew - following Rocket's plan to get out of there. He's got leverage and he knows it, so he's willing to throw a bone to the others. He's impressed by Rocket's plan, but has to make a personal detour to get something else that he'd left behind. He doesn't open up to others easily about his past because the past is in the past and he ran from it. That doesn't mean he's willing to let it go. He returns for his walkman, a memory of his mother, before they head off to knowhere. The dismembered head of a Celestial being.

(in the comics Celestial Beings are the beings that pick who would end up with abilities in the comics.)

Peter's moral core is shown when Drax brings Ronan down on them at Knowhere and they learn what an Infinity gem is. Peter isn't willing to shove people away that easily but he does it for the wrong reasons. He's still running from emotions but he knows what the right thing is and when he needs to do it.

He faces more of these emotions when he sees Gamora out in space after their fight with Nebula. Nebula and Ronan end up in Knowhere. He goes out to rescue her. Peter's arc is about not learning to run away from his problems and he begins to turn around, to face his mother (in fact he has a hallucination of he when he's rescuing Gamora.) He covers it up with jokes, he's the sort of man who will joke before he does the right thing but that's just how he was raised. He hides pain with humor, that's how he copes. It's a way of thinking on his feet that proves invaluable. They set the stage for the final showdown between Ronan the accuser, who's heading for Xandar (an earth surrogate of sorts). He discovers a sense of nobility, not out of a desire to protect others but to protect his family. He's no longer running from his problems. Rocket realizes he cares about the team, Peter makes a sort of peace with his family, and even calls the police despite being first and foremost a criminal proving the message of the film. No matter who you are, no one is 100 percent a dick.

The space battle is just that, a space battle. Gamora's arc with Nebula is resolved, Rocket and Groot do battle. Peter's arc culminates by the time that Ronan lands. His ship has been destroyed, he's promised the gem to his former "family" figures. Ronan is seemingly about to kill them all but he's found support. When faced with losing everything literally he realizes that he can't run from his problems anymore. He turns back to face his mother on her deathbed, and accepts human emotions. Accepts that he needs people and that you can't run forever.

That kind of power is incredible in any circumstance and it gives him the power to destroy Ronan with the help of his friends and his new family. They contain the power of the infinity gem together. Ronan is defeated and Peter finally at least starts to cope with his past. It's the end of a good story (or even a good space opera) with Peter promising to do something that was a bit of both. He's learning to face up to his problems and not run, which is good because he lives in the Marvel universe which is, on a good day. One of the most dangerous places to be conceived.

Moving to Wonderland won't be a cake walk, but Peter will adapt. His biggest problem will be being bored, not to mention worrying about his ship and his team. His team in particular. They were just starting to come together, he had a family for the first time in forever and he wants it back. No matter what it takes.

Abilities/Special Powers: Peter is half human, which culminates in being able to hold an infinity stone a fraction of a second longer then most mortal beings probably could. Beyond that and a translator chip's that's embedded behind his ear that allows him to understand every spoken language he has no other modifications. Superpowers include being a space pirate, knowing how to handle himself in a fight and Excellent almost hipster levels of awesome taste in music.

He does however have a pair of twin blasters (they don't come with him, maybe he'll get lucky and find them) and his Star Lord helmet that allows him to breath in deep space. Because it's cool like that.

Third-Person Sample:

Peter's been here for two weeks and he is bored. He'd dreamed about earth for the first few years before he'd accepted that there were so many other places he could go and things that he could do. Being grounded here again in what other people said was another dimension was one thing but they missed out on the real point. Being. Grounded.

How the hell were they supposed to earn credits here? Do anything here and the other team...these ... avengers.

I mean he'd grown up with Captain America comics. Sure they hadn't been nearly as cool as the Star Wars limiteds his grandpa had bought him but they were still pretty neat. He'd even been Captain America for Halloween (and how do you approach the guy and say - I was you for Halloween right until Billy Thorton hit me over the head with my own shield because I didn't want him picking on Louise Miller and taking her candy.)

The next year he was Han Solo. Less things to hit him with.

But apart from Romanoff and the mysterious "archer" guy they were a bunch of sad people in outfits. I mean it was one thing to be a super hero in the galaxy. Most people in the Galaxy were way behind in the pop culture department. Putting on tights and a cape spoke to a level of delusion that was almost painful never mind ridiculous.

Not to mention this "SHIELD" that had gone defunct or whatever. It sounded like a wannabe Nova Corps.

He missed Dey.

Shit he missed Drax and Gamora and Groot. The lack of Groot for Rocket in particular was terrible but he'd resolved to cheer the guy up.

The closet was the coolest part of all of this. He'd promptly asked for posters - the important posters - Ninja turtles, Ranger Rick, Starsland Express (the only Xandarian band he liked) Limited edition Star wars action figures (he was taking those when they got out of here) and a deck of playing cards.

That's where he was headed now. Moving to knock on the door to Rocket's room he frowned, "...Buddy! open up. I've got a deck of cards I'm gonna teach you earth games."

Maybe that would be a good distraction.

First-Person Sample:

[Hey kids! It's Peter Quill AKA Star Lord. In fact he'd prefer Star Lord seeing as how you guys somehow managed to grab Drax, Gamora, and Rocket and take them out. He might have expected it with him. You didn't screw with his friends however.

So okay, maybe he hasn't seen Rocket's post yet. Explorations of this place have led to him realizing that it's populated mostly (so far) by human beings from all walks of life. Some of these people are seriously scary.

Could be a lot worse.

Could be a lot better too but he'll take what he can get. He's found the bar however, and that's where he's choosing to set up his first broadcast. Ever see Star Wars? Literally he looks just like Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina.]

Afternoon Wonderland. No no, there's no need to get up from your seats. You're tuned to Star Lord. Same bat time, same bat channel. I have been. All over this rock and all over this location. [Or at least as far as he can get] And my ship seems to have taken a walk.

I want it back.

I'm reasonable though. We can make a deal. Or we could get creative.

[He'll sip on his beer] ...Good beer, but that ship was expensive and it cost me a lot to get it. Least of which is that it had my crew on board. My team as it were and if you've got them then you're... [Nonchalant.] Well you're screwed.

First there's Drax. If you've got him then I wanna know how many people he put in your hospital. They don't call him the destroyer for nothing. Gamora? Deadliest woman in the Galaxy. Rocket? ... I haven't seen holes. So I can only imagine you took his gun. He's deadly with it and Groot...

[He points a hand] Only. an asshole. would kill. Groot. And I don't truck with assholes.

But I'm reasonable so give them back, give us our ship back, and I'll even transfer you units to pay for their lives. I'm willing to pay a lot.

Question is.

[he points] How much you're willing to pay before I rip this place down around your ears?

Choice is yours guys.

[He turns it off]


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